Our Values


Core Kingdom Activities

  • Obeying, and encouraging others to live, the two Greatest Commandments, Loving God and Loving others.
  • Fulfilling, and encouraging others to fulfill, the Great Commission.
  • Ministers of reconciliation (in families, in communities, in cities, among peoples, and among Christian fellowships)
  • Engage the fullness of each Person of the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Encourage, empower and train God’s people to join or foster revival in the contexts they are already in
  • We are a launching fellowship. We expect people to be launched into their God dreams, either in our overlapping spheres, or into new spheres and regions.

Some phrases we find important:

  • We give, as we have been freely given. Matt 10:8
  • All Invited & Welcome. But Jesus always expected a response (AKA change).
  • God is a God of order, and He leads by His Spirit, but that doesn’t mean we always know what will happen next (man’s schedule of service, and God’s order are not the same thing).
  • United in purpose, but not uniform in culture. The Body of Christ is a very diverse Fellowship.
  • Unity is nourished by ‘Look what God & Christ’s Body is doing’ type thinking, not ‘Look what my fellowship is doing’ thinking.
  • We come together because we are one Family of God, and share the common purpose of reaching the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, instead of dividing along lines of doctrine or practice.
  • We value all the gifts of God, and seek to Biblically honor the unseemly gifts among us.
  • Honoring existing leadership structures, not undermining them is essential to God’s work (other fellowships and leaders should see ‘revivalists’ as assets not antagonists).
  • Leaders equip, not control or create dependency. The goal of Eph 4:11 leadership is an Eph 4:16 community, where the Body builds up Itself in love.