Our Ministries

Prayer/Revival Groups

Nothing in God’s Kingdom moves without prayer (Your Kingdom Come, You Will be Done ~ Matt 6:9), and we firmly believe that as we seek the face of God, embrace His purposes, wrapped in His love, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, only then will we start seeing revival in our own hearts, and then see it in our communities and cities as well. We gather to worship, pray for each other, and prayer for revival in Silicon Valley

Dunamis Rhema

Dunamis Rhema is greek for ‘powerful word’, and in the context of the Bible, it can be expanded to ‘The Powerful Words of God” (Matt 22:29 ‘the power of God’, Rom 10:17, ‘the rhema of Christ’).

The main thrust is to help innovative worshipers of Christ create new expressions of praise and worship to God, as well as outreach to the world through music and art.

Intellectual Faith

The INTELLECTUAL FAITH MOVEMENT seeks to minister the love and truth of Jesus Christ at the intersection of academic/industry intellectuals and spiritual communities of faith.

Fellowship Groups

Our desire is to start to different kinds of encouraging fellowships to support people who have been stirred up for revival in Silicon Valley. The main purpose of these fellowships will be to encourage, comfort and strengthen believers who have Kingdom dreams, and need space to explore them, and to train believes to hear God’s voice more clearly for themselves and for the local contexts God has them in (businesses, education centers, government jobs, church ministries or in their family settings).

One fellowship (or more than one) will be centered around encouraging and training people to engage their current church/ministry context with of their spiritual gifts, calling, and revival passion, while honoring the current leadership (learning to be an asset of revival for your church, not an antagonist for change).

The other fellowship will be centered on pursing the God dreams that the Father has placed in side of those who come. We believe that some major God dreams need to be birthed in this area, and they are typical larger than one local neighborhood church can birth. This fellowship will encourage, connect, empower and otherwise help God dreams clearly envision their dreams, believe that God gave them that dream for them to carry out, and then start seeking the Father’s hand on how to pursue these dreams for God kingdom.

If you are interested in either of the fellowship and when they might start, contact us.

More to come shortly.