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Intellectual Faith

Bridging the Intellectual and Faith Communities

The INTELLECTUAL FAITH MOVEMENT seeks to minister the love and truth of Jesus Christ at the intersection of academic/industry intellectuals and spiritual communities of faith. A God vision carried forward by Sherol Chen!

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In many places, Christian faith communities have abandoned a representation in the intellectual and serious thought. The INTELLECTUAL FAITH MOVEMENT seeks to bridge the intellectual communities with representative of faith community to facilitate respectful conversations between the communities, as part of a larger effort to display Jesus glory and freedom gained in Him.


There are three points of disconnect that IF would like to help repair:

  1. Rather than in conflict, demonstrate how communities of faith and intellectual communities are not mutually exclusive, but mutually beneficial.
  2. Give a platform for humbly honoring and discussing world views in hope that the truth will speak for itself.
  3. Showing through action, evidence, and good relationship that Love, above all else, drives out fear, unifies, and heals.

Intellectual Faith Bridges


Passion Talks – The Passion Talks Conference is becoming a worldwide forum for topics involving works, faith, and passions. Passion Talks are a platform for intellectuals and professionals to develop and share their voice in order to foster humble dialogue between intellectual communities and the faith communities. What we do is our passion, which, for some, we would relate to the passion that God gives us and our passion for Jesus. In addition to “what” we do, these Passion Talks answer the questions of “why” we care. Why help the poor? Why help the environment?.. etc. How does that tie into our personal testimony or story? Why and how do we live for a better world?

Passion Talk Tech – Mini Passion Talks at industry locations: These Passion Micro-Talks are expected to be around 5 minutes long, with three presentation slides (or more, as needed). A major difference between a Passion Talk and a Micro-Talk is that the Micro-Talk is much more succinct, to the point, and guided. The prompt for every Micro-Talk is as follows:

  • Who you are (Identity)
    What you do (Vocation)
    Why you care / Why you live (Passion)

Further opportunities will include hosting events within pockets of industry and scholarly communities for service or dialogue.

Sparks of spiritual revival are needed in the land of Silicon Valley, and Sherol Chen, the executive director of Intellectual Faith of Revival Valley, is definitely one of those sparks. She has been spear-heading this movement for a few years already, empowering speakers and conversations, planning events and inspiring dialogues, and we are delighted to come along side what God is already doing to encourage and help resource the Intellectual Faith Movement more. Read Sherol’s blogs (Intellectual Faith blog, Passion Talks blog ) for the latest.

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