Prophetic Word – Joanne Moody

February 2, 2018 – Joanne Moody in Silicon Valley

“I asked God what was this weekend all about [conference in Sunnyvale at Echo Church]… He said to me,… it was a very quick impression,.. that this area was a mighty mighty wheat field that went on for miles… that’s a lot of wheat, wow.

And then I saw Jesus in the field and I saw myself in the field,… then He showed me a sickle. And I did not know how to use that. I was standing there with Jesus in this impression. I don’t know how to use that thing, so I handed it over… And He said watch, [hand motion of slashing through wheat and with the sound shwoomp], and a whole bunch of wheat went whang at the root. And I went ‘wow, that thing is sharp.’ Almost like I don’t want to do that. But then He showed me how to do it. And I said what is this and He showed me how fast that could cut down all this wheat. And I go ‘what is this?’ And He said ‘the mighty harvest.’ …  (He is so good and faithful, who am I, I am nobody, but He is showing me this is on His heart.)

Then He showed me all of our team and all these people, in this field and their were people coming, by the hundreds, by the thousands, and they were coming up and the way that the harvest really was, was person to person. Love, person to person. And He said, ‘flip up the sickle and read what is on it.’… And it said ‘love and hope’ engraved on the blade. And He said, ‘how do you think the great harvest will happen?’ And I said, ‘with love and with hope.’ And He said, ‘yes, very good.’ … Love and hope is how the harvest will happen.

And then He said, ‘what do you see?’ And I said, ‘this field never ends, this field never ends, it goes forever God. We are going to get very tired.” That is how I think, I just want you to know, just like you. Oh, that is exhausting… I look to my right and see tents and they are all set up for the laborers and there are banqueting tables. And Jesus says, ‘now, the weary and the heavy laden come here. And they feast and they drink. And I have even provided horses when they are tired.’ He thinks of it all, right? He is calling you in to reap a great harvest in this Bay Area region with love and with hope. And we came here to share what we know but it His Holy Spirit and how much you want to let Him in.”

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