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Healing in the NT

As in every chapter, the key to our living for Christ rest in what the Bible says regarding our regular day to day lives. If each generation of disciples after the original Apostles had...


Jesus the Healer

That Jesus healed has never been a topic of contention among those who call Him Lord and Savior. All four gospels are packed with stories of Jesus healing, from purposeful healings (the pool of...


Healing in the OT

Throughout the Old Testament, we consistently see that God is able to heal, and willing to heal, both among His chosen people, and in the midst of those who were not. God preforms healing,...


Jesus Testimonies from The Stirring 10/21

God still saves and heals, in the name of Jesus. Quick Summary (over two days):
1 Salvation !! 12 people felt a touch by God for healing, 1 person felt a type of oppression leave and 2 people were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit.

10/12/2015 Returned from Hospital

10/12/2015 Returned from Hospital

During a prayer meeting, a lady had a strong reaction to medication, or some other issue, and was rushed to the hospital with severe head pain, and abdominal pain. The rest of the group...