The Chess Matches

I saw the Father on His throne playing multiple chess games; each one against a demon. I looked at the first chess board and saw the demon take a long time to decide on his move. The progress of this game was very slow, which seemed good. The demon had long pauses and its progress was slow. God assured me, He already knew the outcome of every game. He also knew every move they would make and He would make. The demons did not believe Him and seemed intent that they could win.

As I looked at the second chess board, there were only two white pieces left on God’s side. God reminded me that He sometimes likes to win with a few pieces just to show His ability (ie. Gideon’s army). Then I saw a third chessboard with six black queens and a ton of other black pieces on the demons side. It looked like the dark side would win for sure because this was amazing progress for a chess game. God again quieted me saying that He would win. There were many other games going on, each a chessboard with a demon against God. God said to me “they all end the same way, My King stands!!!

He recollected that once He had His King taken; but He had given it up willingly. And interestingly enough the King resurrected and won the game! I asked why does evil play if You always win? Pride: they think they are my equal and can beat Me. Delusion: they think they can learn a strategy and practice enough and eventually win. But my King always stands!!!

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